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About Us

We are a Tour Guide, Tour Operator, Travel Planner | Epic Yatra Founded in 2015,  Epic Yatra is your tour guide to plan, prepare and travel in discovering spiritual and incredible  India. We work aligned to our principles of providing “comfortable travel experience” to the pilgrims. Firm has successfully devised and launched various religious tour packages.  All of our packages include pilgrimage activities, accommodation facilities, meals and other relevant activities to try out. We have created an easy channel for the people to access all these spiritual tour packages.

Our spiritually-stirring tour packages are induced with enough days to explore the entire region. Epic Yatra, along with its efficient team, ensures that the services for each tour package are aligned, appropriate and satisfactory to the pilgrims. We extend our connections with various hotel chains, travel guides and other facilitating entities, to assure reliability for the tour packages. In addition, we also provide offers, deals and discounts on the tour packages. This will allow our pilgrims to find a budget-friendly tour package and travel to their desired spiritual place in India. We promise to disperse the same quality of services and facilities to our pilgrims, in any given condition. we promise to yield tour packages which are customer-centric and suit best to people’s needs.


Epic Yatra, we aim to disperse qualitative religious tour packages that are affordable and budget effective. To provide inclusive tour packages, which have spiritual pilgrimage linked with other aspects, such as sight-seeing, trekking, and more. We work towards interacting pilgrimage visits that exhibit comfortability, affordability and enthusiasm. We bring a complete merge of all the nearby destinations in a single package so people can rejoice in the journey. Our portal envisages progressive developments to establish itself a holistically operating tour planning company


At Epic Yatra, we vision ourselves in branching as your ideal tour strategizing company that caters to all needs for traveling to spiritual spots in India. Promoting and expanding travel that is simple, joyous and worthy, strive in achieving a well-defined recognition amongst people who aspire to visit spiritual India. Our intend to create ourselves as the go-to option for all the religious traveling to a wider spectrum of customers. In keeping our vision alive, we at Epic Yatra, attentively work towards our core values. Looking forward to the addition of new tour packages that cover other prominent spiritual sights in India. We watch for growing ourselves in a reliable tour planning company that has all the solutions for people. We intend to keep ourselves in the race of services through a diligent working team and effective strategizing.

Our Core Values

1. Honesty

Ensuring  utmost honesty to impart our assistance, services and guidance to the customers, in choosing relevant tour packages. Maintain to stay by our customers’ sides, right from choosing the plan to its maintenance. We maintain complete uprightness by segregating our team into various departments to ensure overall quality. We also vigorously work ahead in updating our tour packages that suit the best of your needs.

2. Teamwork

Epic Yatra strongly believe in unity and teamwork to aid us in providing reliable quality. We have a core team that is well-updated, active and continuously looks for improving the services for customers. Our team is meticulously involve in devising tour packages that do justice to customers’ needs. Further, we maintain the teamwork by evaluating the tour packages and suggest the improving dimensions in it.

3. Quality Services

Majorly our vision relies on continued provision of quality services. We are dedicated to shape our tour packages, assistance and facilities that are of top-most quality. We are involved in punctual working and optimizing our strategies that can yield best benefits for the customers. Further, we move ahead to ensure that the quality of our services remains persistent for a long-term by regular evaluation.

4. Communication

Being as a unit we believe that communication will lead us to the right customers. We include all sources of communication with the customers. Communicating will aid us in acknowledging customers’ needs for religious tour packages. We are also engrossed in communicating our latest deals and packages by regularly updating it on our portals. We also ensure simple and easy ways for the customers’ to contact us.