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Land Of Lord Shiva Bharmour

The land Of Lord Shiva Bharmour is a place that will transport you to a world steeped in ancient history and divine spirituality.  Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Bharmour is often referred to as the "Land of Lord Shiva." With its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and religious significance, this hidden gem has become a favorite destination for travelers seeking solace and spiritual rejuvenation. In this blog post, we will take you on a virtual journey through the captivating town of Bharmour. From exploring its fascinating history to discovering sacred temples and experiencing its unique charm, immerse yourself in all this mystical land has to offer. So pack your bags and join us as we embark on an unforgettable adventure into the heartland of Lord Shiva himself! Bharmour is the starting point for -

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What is Bharmour?

Located at an altitude of 2,195 meters above sea level, Bharmour is a small town in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. This quaint little town holds immense historical and religious significance. Its rich cultural heritage dates back to the reign of King Maru Varman in the 6th century.


Bharmour is famous for its ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that there were originally eighty-four such temples, but now only twelve remain intact. The most prominent among them is the Chaurasi Temple Complex, which houses these twelve shrines along with a temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. The architectural brilliance of these temples reflects the intricate craftsmanship of ancient times. Each shrine has its own unique style and design that leaves visitors awe-struck. The main deity worshipped here is Lord Shiva, who is considered the supreme god by Hindus. Apart from its religious significance, Bharmour also offers stunning natural beauty with lush green meadows, gushing waterfalls, and snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see. The pleasant weather throughout the year makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. With its serene ambiance and spiritual aura, Bharmour attracts devotees seeking divine blessings as well as travelers searching for peace and tranquility amidst nature's bounty. Whether you are on a pilgrimage or simply exploring this hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh, Bharmour promises an experience like no other – one that will leave you spellbound by its charm and mystique!

History of Bharmour:

Bharmour, also known as Brahmpura, is a small town located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Steeped in history and mythology, it holds great significance for both Hindus and Buddhists. According to legend, Bharmour was founded by Raja Maru Varman around 500 AD. It served as the capital of the ancient kingdom of Chamba for over four centuries. The town flourished under the rule of several dynasties, including the Gurjara-Pratiharas and Rajputs. During its heyday, Bharmour was not only a political center but also an important religious hub. It became renowned as a place dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracted pilgrims from far and wide. Many ancient temples were built here during this period, with intricate architecture that still stands today.

Tibetan Influence 

In later years, Buddhism gained prominence in Bharmour due to Tibetan influence. Monasteries like Bharmaur Gompa were established which added another layer to its cultural fabric. The historical importance of Bharmour can be seen through its numerous archaeological sites such as Aryan-era rock carvings at Chattari Devi Temple and Banni Mata Temple complex. Today, visitors can explore these remnants of the past while soaking in the serene atmosphere that surrounds them. Barbour's rich history adds depth to any trip taken here  

Places to Visit in Bharmour:

Bharmour, also known as the "Land of Lord Shiva," is a small town nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Himachal Pradesh. This enchanting destination offers a plethora of attractions that will leave you mesmerized.

1-Chaurasi Temple

One must-visit place in Bharmour is the Chaurasi Temple complex. This ancient temple complex comprises 84 shrines dedicated to different deities and holds immense religious significance for Hindus. The intricate architecture and serene atmosphere make it a must-see spot for spiritual seekers.

Bharmani Mata Temple

Another must-visit attraction is Bharmani Mata Temple situated atop a hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. Legend has it that visiting this temple fulfills all desires, making it popular among devotees and tourists alike.


For nature enthusiasts, Khajjiar, often referred to as Mini Switzerland of India, is just a short drive away from Bharmour. Surrounded by dense pine forests and meadows adorned with colorful flowers, Khajjiar's beauty will take your breath away.

4-Manimahesh Lake

If you are an adventure enthusiast, don't miss out on trekking to Manimahesh Lake located at an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level. The picturesque lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks provides an exhilarating experience for trekkers. Explore the local culture by visiting Gadasru village renowned for its traditional wooden carvings and handicrafts made by skilled artisans. Interact with locals and learn about their way of life while admiring their craftsmanship. With its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, Bharmour offers something unique for every visitor. So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey to this hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh!

How to reach Bharmour

Bharmour, also known as Bharmur or Brahmaur, is a small town located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is nestled amidst the majestic Himalayan ranges and is famous for its ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you are planning a visit to this spiritual land, here's how you can reach Bharmour. By Road: Bharmour can be easily accessed by road from nearby cities like Pathankot and Dharamshala. The road journey offers breathtaking views of lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains. Private taxis and buses are available for hire at affordable rates. By Air: The nearest airport to Bharmour is Gaggal Airport in Kangra, which is approximately 180 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Bharmour. By Train: The closest railway station to Bharmour is Pathankot Railway Station, which is well-connected with major cities in India. From Pathankot, you can opt for private taxis or state-run buses to reach your destination. Once you reach Bharmour, prepare yourself for an enchanting experience as you explore the ancient temples and soak in the serene surroundings of this divine land. Remember that it's always advisable to check weather conditions before embarking on your journey and carry appropriate clothing accordingly.

Weather in Bharmour

When planning a trip to Bharmour, it is important to consider the weather conditions. Situated in the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, Bharmour experiences varying climatic conditions throughout the year. During the summer months, from April to June, the weather in Bharmour is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. The temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C during this time, making it perfect for exploring the scenic beauty of the region. As monsoon arrives in July and lasts until September, Bharmour receives moderate rainfall. The lush green landscapes become even more enchanting during this time; however, heavy rainfall can sometimes make travel difficult. From October onwards, as winter approaches, Bharmour starts experiencing cold temperatures. December and January are considered peak winter months when temperatures can drop below freezing point. It is advisable to carry warm clothing if you plan to visit Bharmour during this time. Depending on your preference and tolerance for different climates, anytime between April and November is suitable for visiting Bharmour. However, every season offers its own unique charm that will surely leave you mesmerized by its natural beau

Distance of Manimahesh from Bharmour:

The sacred town of Bharmour is not only known for its rich history and cultural heritage but also for its close proximity to the famous pilgrimage site, Manimahesh. Situated at an elevation of 4,080 meters in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, Manimahesh is considered one of the holiest places in Himachal Pradesh. The distance between Bharmour and Manimahesh is approximately 25 kilometers. The journey from Bharmour to Manimahesh can be quite exhilarating as it takes you through picturesque landscapes and serene surroundings. Along the way, you will come across lush green meadows, gushing streams, and majestic mountain peaks. To reach Manimahesh from Bharmour, one can opt for a trek or hire a local guide who can assist in navigating the trail. The trek to Manimahesh Lake usually takes around 6-8 hours depending on your pace and fitness level. It is recommended to start early in the morning to avoid any unforeseen weather conditions.

"Manimahesh Yatra Package by helicopter"

During the months of July and August, devotees flock to this holy site during the annual pilgrimage known as "Manimahesh Yatra." Thousands of pilgrims undertake this arduous journey with utmost devotion and belief in Lord Shiva. Visiting Manimahesh during this time allows you to witness a vibrant atmosphere filled with religious fervor and festivities. However, if you prefer a more tranquil experience amidst nature's beauty without huge crowds, it is advisable to plan your visit outside these peak months. Exploring both Bharmour and making a trip to nearby attractions like Manimahesh provides an enriching experience that combines spirituality with breathtaking natural beauty.


Bharmour, the land of Lord Shiva, is a hidden gem nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and spiritual significance, it offers a unique and enchanting experience for every traveler. The best time to visit Bharmour is during the summer months from May to June when weather conditions are pleasant and ideal for exploring outdoor activities. However, if you wish to witness the famous Manimahesh Yatra pilgrimage festival dedicated to Lord Shiva at Lake Manimahesh, August and September are recommended. Bharmour is not just another tourist destination; it's an experience that will leave lasting memories etched in your heart forever. Whether you seek solace amidst divine surroundings or crave adventure amidst pristine nature, this sacred land has something magical awaiting your arrival. So pack your bags and embark on a journey filled with spirituality, tranquility, and natural beauty that only Bharmour can offer. Epic Yatra Provides  Packages Like-

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